A recent report noted that the top paying careers in the country all need strong mathematical skills. However, many students feel that they cannot commit to a degree program due to various professional and family obligations. Thankfully, many degree programs are now available online. Keep reading to learn how to earn your math degree online.
There are a variety of different programs and specializations for both bachelors and masters degrees in math. If you are entering the teaching profession, there are different degrees you can choose depending on the age range you plan to teach. There are also specializations that deal with other professions, such as organizational management, science, and general mathematics.

Programs will vary from institution to institution. However, a bachelors program takes approximately four years to complete and can be completed 100% online or a hybrid of online and on campus classes. There are a few accelerated online programs as well. For a mathematical science degree, courses typically include linear algebra, advanced calculus, and statistics.
Masters programs generally take two additional years to complete and are offered 100% online or a combination of online and on campus classes. Courses include partial differential equations, numerical analysis, and dynamical systems, just to nam